Volunteers up the Ears

Volunteers up the Ears

The two-and-a-half month long school shutdown this spring was catastrophic for area learning gardens, leaving them overgrown and neglected. But Barrio Botany has been fortunate to have support this summer from industrious volunteers who have contributed countless hours to bring the gardens back into healthy production.

They’ve been seeding and weeding and transplanting. They’ve potted up trees and plants. They’ve mulched tirelessly. They have fixed irrigation and pruned tomato plants. They are heroes.

Because of our wonderful volunteers, we are able to keep producing fresh fruits and vegetables for the community while school is out of session.

Navy volunteers Jordan, Jada and Asia take on the weeds.
Elder Allen from Meridian, Idaho and Elder Chilies from Bothell, WA harvested sweet potatoes, planted trees and mulched beds. They are missionaries with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Sherman Heights neighbor BJ is an energetic Weed Warrior.
Katrina is a new resident of San Diego and has a knack for transplanting seedlings.
Sherman Heights neighbor Luis stopped by to offer his help and was immediately pressed into service running an errand at Home Depot.

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