A Day of Reflection & Remembrance

A Day of Reflection & Remembrance

Produce Donation Marks Day of Remembrance

On this somber day, it’s good to be in the garden. There’s something soothing and meditative about the work and being outdoors. And there’s something uplifting. 

The summer harvest is going strong and we got some winter crops in the ground. Six volunteers came out and made a lot of headway. We tackled some big tasks—tidying up the shipping container full of supplies and moving some garden beds to their new homes.

We donated 15-20 lbs of freshly harvested produce to our local food distribution hub in Sherman Heights. Tomatillos, tomato, jalapeño peppers and purslane. 

Oh, we found a weather station in storage. Can’t wait to set it up for the students to use. And let’s hope there are fair skies and good days ahead.

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