Not All Heroes…

Not All Heroes…

Due to the pandemic, the schoolgarden had gotten choked by agressive weeds, which we have been laboriously pulling out and sending to Miramar Greenery to be processed into compost. One of my favorite memories happened when we came to the school garden one morning and found that someone had thrown a whole bunch of garbage into our green waste bin.  

Unfortunately, the contamination would render the entire load of green waste uncompostable and it would end up in the landfill instead of contributing to soil quality. Fortunately for us, our wonderful volunteer Abraham didn’t hesitate to hop into the dumpster to remove the garbage. He quickly picked up the trash and we resumed using our dumpster for weed disposal. Shortly afterwards, Abraham left for Northern California to start his career as a wildland firefighter.

Heroism takes many forms. For Abraham, it means jumping into a dumpster one day at an inner-city garden. On other days, it means donning his gear and jumping into action in a remote wilderness. Thank you for your service Abraham!

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