Garden build at Perkins K-8 School

Community groups have come together to install a 12-bed garden complete with a tool shed and a greenhouse at Perkins K-8 School.


On Friday, January 31st from 9:15 a.m. to 3:30 p.m, students and volunteers will finish the job by filling the garden beds with soil and planting the first crops. At 10:00 a.m. a brief dedication ceremony will be held.


Through San Diego Unified School District’s Garden to Café Program, students will be able to eat the produce they grow in the garden from the cafeteria’s salad bar. The garden is expected to become an integrated learning tool, a source of nutrition, and a way for students to gain experience in the business world by selling excess produce to local eateries.


Principal Fernando Hernández lauded the accomplishment, “The garden will be a real-life laboratory for students to learn about gardening, agriculture, science, the environment, and nutrition.”


The garden installation was managed by Christopher Burroughs, horticulturist for The Farmacy Initiative, a new Carlsbad-based nonprofit aimed to inspire and educate youth through gardens.


“We were fortunate that a number of local businesses and individuals stepped up to help build the garden; this is San Diego at its finest.” he said.


We’d like to give credit to community partners: Compound Solutions, a local nutraceutical company that contributed a cash donation and employee volunteer hours; Torrey Pines Landscaping, a company that built and assembled garden boxes; Hunter industries, a San Diego-based irrigation company that donated the irrigation supplies; Agri-Service, an Oceanside-based business that donated soil and compost; MishMash restaurant owner and chef, Doug Cook, who helped build the garden boxes; and San Diego Seed Company, which donated hundreds of seed packs.


About Perkins K-8: The school enrolls homeless students from a nearby East Village shelter and just made it to the list of state’s worst performing schools.