• Not All Heroes…
    Due to the pandemic, the schoolgarden had gotten choked by agressive weeds, which we have been laboriously pulling out and sending to Miramar Greenery to be processed into compost. One of my favorite memories happened when we came to the school garden one morning and found that someone had thrown a whole bunch […]
  • A Day of Reflection & Remembrance
    Produce Donation Marks Day of Remembrance On this somber day, it’s good to be in the garden. There’s something soothing and meditative about the work and being outdoors. And there’s something uplifting.  The summer harvest is going strong and we got some winter crops in the ground. Six volunteers came out and […]
  • Our Heroes – Local, Organic Farmers
    “Why do farmers farm, given their economic adversities on top of the many frustrations and difficulties normal to farming? And always the answer is: ‘Love. They must do it for love.’”
  • A Delicious Partnership
    Farm to School empowers children and their families to make informed food choices while strengthening the local economy and contributing to vibrant communities.
  • Introducing…The Farmacy Initiative
    The Farmacy Initiative is a new 501 (c) 3 charitable organization whose mission is to build, inspire and educate children to plant and care for gardens.